The idea for this website stemmed from the outcomes of the Victorian Attorney-General’s Office (VAGO) report into the level of compliance in the Victorian Building Permit system.

The VAGO report found:

  • “the Building Commission cannot demonstrate that the building permit system is working effectively or that building surveyors are effectively discharging their role to uphold and enforce minimum building and safety standards.” 
  • “Ninety-six per cent of permits examined did not comply with minimum statutory building and safety standards.”

Some of the failures of the building permit system have been attributed to the use of ‘Alternative Solutions’.

The VBA has since completed a mail-out to all Victorian Building Surveyors discussing the building certification and occupancy permit processes in Victoria, building surveyor independence and the use of Alternative Solutions.

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Building Certifiers in Victoria should consider an Access Peer Review for any Alternative Solutions relating to an access provision. 

Please contact Lee Wilson, Disability Access Consultant / DDA Consultant for all your Performance Solution needs. Lee is an Accredited Member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia Inc., and a volunteer Subject Matter Expert with the Australian Building Codes Board.